Wednesday, January 13

Body: Tired. Took ages to fall asleep (monkey mind, or late-eve black tea?) and then woke often; I think the faint glow of the outside light (normally off) was enough to cause that. During work day, plotted a proper meathead's accessory workout: delighted to get to it! Kinda ran out of steam by the time I got home, but I kept it at a level of "curious" to figure out what was challenging and enjoyable both, then skipped the idea of a finisher.

Brain: MEH to start, but fun misc work at DBB. More women in the [almost-full] powerlifting meet! Lunch with the parents. Reserved a book at the library AND reordered Lexi's pills, just adulting left & right today! Some days that feels monumental. Hubs time, which included book talk - I put two books on my library list for HIM. He has not read a book since high school, read a good one from my dad last week, and wants more. YESSSSS!!

RELAY FOR LIFE WEBSITE SAVED. I almost cried with relief. It means so much to me that I have it so very highly personalized, and I want to keep carrying it forward like that. YAY for people who are awesome at technology!!!

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