Tuesday, January 26

Body: Tired; Hank keeps sprinting around before 5am for some terrible reason. Feeling the hip aching, but shoulder was better. Session results reflected these problems. Managed some kickass flexed arm hangs in the afternoon, all the way to 60/60, 30/30, 20/20, 10. Whew!

Brain: Awesomely busy day at NSS once again, doing the huge variety (create a marketing display; take out massive pile of recycling; accounting stuffs; develop a spreadsheet of apparel sizing info, which included inventorying all on-hand sizes, to streamline future ordering processes - I LOOOVE being able to do alladese things). Nice meeting with Chief, and got to brag about him on FB. Spontaneous Caribou date with my BB, much wonderful chitchat that ran late yet could've gone twice as long. Plans to run/walk tomorrow with all my trail beasties (literally, including the dogs!).

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