Tuesday, January 19

Body: Glutes still sore, but nothing that felt badly in workout. Had a solid day of squats & bench; numbers nothing stellar, but smooth and easy-ish (considering) grooving shows the real progress. Left hip kept me a touch shallow on squats. Shoulder improved a bit, although it's still being a bit bothersome overnight. Knees slightly achey when squatting deep for scooping pet food & the like.

Brain: Awesome day at NSS, got to do some fun tasks and give advice on apparel and received a task (not started) involving website coding which has me a little geeked. In the afternoon, I had to sit down to tackle a complicated high-brain-use project, which is very common for me; talked with a client who also stands at work, and has the same issue. Weird. Library visit for THREE books, so I am set for at least 2 weeks. (I don't know how I forgot about libraries. You can just go in there and get a pile of books to take home and they are FREE and instead of donating them when you're done, you just bring them back. FOR FREE?! This is going to have a very positive impact on both my budget and my quantity of books read.) Eve spent reading one of those new books, by an author with whom I am internet friends, and it's a YA adult book but a super fun read. A good book & snuggles with silly pets. Does life need any more?

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