Thursday, January 14

Body: Feeling good. Session was awesome, another of those days where I wanted a ginormous gold star for stopping at two deadlifts as told. Love them feeling easy. Dustin said to keep up my home sessions the same: do what feels good, don't push what doesn't, see where it takes me. I can handle that.

Brain: NSS day delight. Somewhat frustrated by unproductive interruptions again, but I did get a lot done (just not all I wanted to), and I left on a high note after being the uproar (that's a good thing) in our staff meeting, and I managed to spend my entire workday completely barefoot (love). Then I knocked out FOUR errands, including wandering around Fleet with a 14-lb bag of bird seed in each hand, followed by both in ONE hand while I carried a package of light but awkward mats for my basement workout space. Felt like a total motherfucking badass. At home, Hank still let me squat him (barely), and hubs got home after I had time for fetch, bird feeder refill, eating, AND mental decompression. Good things. Great things.

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