Thursday, December 31

  • 2 Larabars
  • Daiya pizza

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 9p-630a, 84% quality. Again woke at 130a and needed bathroom, water, calories. Why the fuck is this happening again? Alarm went off at 530a and I shut it down and rolled over. That helped.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good, though rather tired by mid-afternoon. Had a spell of chills, gut ache, and headache that made me fear I was getting sick, but adding water, calories, and an Aleve seemed to fix things. In the morning, though, I was sorely tempted to log 231 pulls and thumb my nose at Dustin (with aching elbows), but didn't. It was weird to have such a physical high yesterday, and then do absolutely nothing today. Spent the eve on the couch.

Fun & Play: Slept in. Spent the day at a closed NSS and got SO MUCH WORK done. I didn't need to do any of it today, but I got way behind over the two holiday weeks, and didn't want to start next week playing catch-up AND having extra work due to the new year. So instead I worked 6 free/unpaid hours at NSS to make next week perfectly lovely. I am 1000% sure it will be worth it. (And it was fun!) Home to finish a book before the year ended, Clyde & Hank snuggled up tight. Hubs time. To bed early like a rockstar.

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