Sunday, January 3

  • GF dinner roll w/ cream cheeze
  • rice spaghetti noodles

Sleep: 10 hours in bed, 845p-645a, 100% quality. Fuck yeah, kids.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling very good. Lifting went well, with some notes: high-bar back squat bothered the left shoulder, downward pressure was on a bad spot; left hip flexor felt odd warming up, but fine during workout; bench was lower-rep per Chief, and it felt many tons better than it's been feeling at home. BEST NOTE OF ALL: traditional deadlifts (a) heavy (b) from the floor, for the first time in 6 months, with ZERO WEIRDNESS in that left hamstring, ZERO SHIFTING in that left leg. HOORAY!!! Dialed back the ambition, save KB playtime for tomorrow night.

Took the dogs LCSPing, full of frustration to start, then better after I turned Lexi loose - but I need to work on Hank more often. Still, very enjoyable to get out in the bright sunshine and fresh air. Must do my best to make this a weekly tradition throughout tax season.

Fun & Play: Morning writing with Clyde in my lap. Inspired by Dustin's 2015 reading tally, I renewed my Audible subscription and kicked it off with Nick Offerman - forgot how enjoyable an audiobook can be! Delegated all landlording to the hubs until his busy season starts. Nature time with my fools. Reading time. Chores accomplished. FB silliness. A return to my regular schedule tomorrow; really & truly looking forward to it.

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