Sunday, January 24

Body: Crappy sleep after dreaming about people being held captive and gunned down trying to escape, thanks to the hubs' shooty movie before bed. AND, Hanky was up and at 'em before 5am. Jerkface. Body feeling good and rested. Left hip thing is still there. Lifting went poorly; squats angered hip and I couldn't find a happy place; bench good; deadlifts extremely heavy so I cut them a full set short. Pinchy hip continued all afternoon, even when I was just shifting around while sitting on couch. Very sleepy all afternoon, actually dozing out on our drive back from birthday party, and I nevah sleep in cars. Straight to bed when we got home, and logged an hour out cold. Felt fairly junky after that in terms of body aches. At bedtime, dizzy and nauseous, very concerned I was getting sick.

Brain: Started out the day with coffee & a book, bills paid before 7am, 3 blog posts scheduled by 7:15, and workout planned within 5 minutes (pretty easy when it's "Do All The Things"). Then hellz yeah, more reading time until the hubs wakes and I can slam some iron! But then lifting was MEH, godchild's birthday party was fun, and rest of day was very low-energy BLAHness.

Reflection time.

My core desired feelings are: Generous, Radiant, Inspiring, Thriving. My word for 2016 is BRAVE.

Looking at the past week: Things were mostly good, but it ended with me feeling fairly depleted.

My core desired feelings were most evident: At NSS.

The highlights were: The huge variety of work I did at NSS.

The low point was: Feeling like crap in today's workout.

I am frustrated/dissatisfied with: Thinking so much/negatively about my body comp.

I want to change: My attitude about so many things.

I was most grateful for: Having a silent house.

I learned: That I'm ready to let some friendships fade.

I had a great connection with: The Jane girls.

I want next week to: Remain commitment-free.

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