Sunday, January 17

Body: Got up feeling pretty good. Logged a full-on meathead session: pure happiness. Left shoulder got crank on back squats (where bar sits on scap/trap area is just the WRONG PLACE, but I kept trying), and left hip was pinchy on set 1, but then the rest of the body was like, "Yo, this is so light." Bench was only okay: left shoulder got sketchy with set 3. Deadlifts were hard because I made them hard by completely stopping each rep, no rebound advantage. Overall, I'm going a fuckton heavier than I ever used to at home, and it's doing wonders for the body, and for the confidence. Due to left shoulder crankiness, didn't try snatches; also didn't have a lot of steam left for conditioning, so just a short round of it. Got to town early, so I swung through NSS to log flexed arm hangs, and did them in a new way: 40s on / 40s rest, 30s on / 30s rest, 20s on / 20s rest, 10s on. Brutal, but doable. Will continue down this avenue for a while.

Brain: Forgot to mention, yesterday I spent ALL DAY monitoring my NSS email to be ready if the powerlifting meet filled, and naturally it came while I was movie-ing with hubs; BUT it was someone that Dustin has talked about following on FB, so it is like another semi-celebrity rolling through our doors--exciting! Anyway I had to fetch the laptop and do work to shut down online payment, change our registration form to a waiting list, and then go back into the online payment and change the info to explain we were full (since some links went directly there). It was a very tense hour getting it all done while fighting technology, but it was highly satisfying; I was so proud that I had figured it all out ahead of time and knew exactly what to do - and delighted that I have the kind of bosses to whom I can send a text declaring myself to be LIKE A MOTHERFUCKING SORCERER.

Chores completed. Heavy lifting logged. Lunch with HB (I went out in the bitterly cold -9F [HIGH for the day] for her!). Hearing that my beloved HH hit her BHAG of a BQ marathon, SUPER pumped for her; can't wait to deliver a huge hug and hear all about her race! Snuggles time, reading time, reflection time.

Oh, did someone say "reflection time"?

My core desired feelings are: Generous, Radiant, Inspiring, Thriving. My word for 2016 is BRAVE.

Looking at the past week: I love that I was able to get together with Timmy & Mac and Holea, and I missed having Heidi time, even though it hasn't even been a regular thing anyway. I am so glad the library is back on my radar. NSS was fantabulous. I'm really pumped about how well my lifting is going.

My core desired feelings were most evident: Thursday & Friday at NSS. Everything just felt perfectly right.

The highlights were: lunch with Timmy & Mac (it's been too long), and the NSS staff meeting (yep).

The low point was: feeling very not-brave in my review, and walking out disappointed in myself for the things I didn't say.

I am frustrated/dissatisfied with: failing to be brave, failing to even try to be brave, letting fear control me.

I want to change: my response to fear's voices. I haven't been using the new/improved voice in my head to combat that voice. Must work on it.

I was most grateful for: Hubs. Timmy. All of NSS.

I learned: that not running on Saturday makes Sunday lifting feel hella better.

I had a great connection with: MB.

I want next week to: include a puppy playdate with Heidi, and another library visit. And also BE WARMER.

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