Saturday, January 9

Acne: Have had acne proliferating on chin & forehead this week. Sadly, I have to suspect Arctic Zero. I went a long spell without it, and my face was clear for quite a while. But I've had a pint every 1-2 days for the past week or so. Will eliminate for a while. Once my face is clear, I will try having it once, and see what happens. Perhaps I can't have whey protein, or perhaps it's the sweetener, or perhaps I can only have it once per week - will do my best to deduce this one, because ice cream, yo. Chips also slightly suspect, so will continue eating them for now, especially since they are not so frequent, perhaps a bag per week.

Body: Feeling good. Still have some tightness in both QLs, and also the outside hip flexor on BOTH legs is now feeling odd. Those are weird. First Saturday of tax season, thus first week of 8-ish extra hours standing; will have to be conscious of that extra day of physical effort, not just the mental effort. Again considered swings & snatches, again decided against. Body okay, but brain a little too drained to allow the effort. Book & couch instead.

Brain: Slow-moving morning, let myself sleep in a bit (5:45!) and read extra before my Saturday workday. Admired the pretty sundogs - couldn't get a proper picture because the phone was dumb, and yet the picture I DID get was still gorgeous.

Small. Simple. Perfect.

Indulged in some serious silliness upon the first Saturday of tax season, decorating a coworker's office by hanging up her calculator tape - nearly made it all the way around the room! Desire Map planner time when I got home (thanks, BB!) which made my heart sing, then worked on my NSS reviews while my heart was so full of DeeLaPee-style abundance. Then in full-on sloth mode, I finished another book. Up to 3 for the year, and a 4th will get finished tomorrow. Holy crap! At this rate, I've got to go back to the library, or this hobby will get too damned expensive.

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