Saturday, January 30

Body: Solid; hip and shoulder are both feeling better. Tired in afternoon, though mostly mental. Vegged with book on couch, happily.

Brain: Knocked out an estimate on our personal taxes by 8am, and was relieved to learn we will have a refund coming. Just don't want to owe, that's all! Mental tiredness: 6 days a week is getting to me already. I don't get a Saturday off until March 12. Ugh, why do I do this to myself? But I get a paycheck on Monday, so perhaps that will remind me. Plowed through a bag of chips at supper and felt badly, because I've been paying too much attention to fat loss discussions, and it's fucking with my head and body acceptance. Ugh. Easily annoyed by everything, including texts from friends, so maybe I'm just overly tired - a legitimate possibility.

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