Saturday, January 16

Body: Can't remember if I mentioned that I figured out how much protein I was getting the other day, and it was crazy-low, not even 50g. So I thought I'd see if I could find a protein powder to make it easier to get more, and my Paleo Protein arrived today. Will use daily and see if face tolerates (has stevia, not sure if that will be a problem). Taxy day, low back felt better than yesterday at NSS, but still got tired. Shoulder a bit better than it was a couple of weeks ago; outer left hip still weird; QLs a touch tight yet.

Brain: Taxy Saturday had some good parts, some lame parts. I held back from volunteering on a task that is overwhelming others; it is most beneficial (from a long-term view) that it go to someone who is there year-round, and I'm (really^10) hoping that I'm at NSS full-time soon enough that it's better to be assigned to someone else. Still, I felt guilty for not volunteering, and for not explaining why. "Sorry, y'all are my second choice, and while you're super stellar, I just don't want to be here half as much as I want to be there." I'll say it when I have get to, but I don't want to make a thing about it now. I do love it there, but my bliss is at NSS. At home in eve, had tons of time for reading and even a movie with the hubs & the critters. If I keep up this reading rate, I'll average a book a week with ease!

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