Monday, January 4

I'm going to do this journal/blog differently. I don't think I need to document my nutrition & sleep in such detail anymore - I feel I know what I need. If I do get back to some diet testing, I will record nutrition again, but until then, no need. Instead, a simple brain/body scan daily to celebrate highlights or note things to keep an eye on, then I'll do weekly/monthly/quarterly reflections as per the Desire Map guidelines.

Body: Solid night of sleep. Slight low-back tightness from deadlifts, bit more pronounced upper-back tightness from bench. (Yay!) Standing at DBB all day, not a problem. Had plans for swings & snatches, but a 12-hour workday destroyed that plan.

Brain: Easy DBB day. Pretty snowfall. Super awesome fun watching the powerlifting meet registration fill up with WOMEN. Dad's bookwork, including relaying the renter situation and again feeling mostly right. Hubs time.


Weekly Reflections:

My core desired feelings are: Generous, Radiant, Inspiring, Thriving. And my word for 2016 is BRAVE.

And...Pause: Before another week comes & goes, take a mindful moment to review what just passed and where you want to go from here. Small habit, profound power.

Looking at the past week: I loved it. I loved the long weekend, but I'm so glad I worked on Thursday, because I know that makes for an easier first full week of January for an accountant. I ran twice, lifting went great, I read a lot, I wrote a lot, I took the dogs for a walk, the body & brain were both happy.

My core desired feelings were most evident: Finishing my pull-ups goal. Running/playing in the snow. WRITING.

The highlights were: Finishing my pull-ups odyssey, and reading Dustin's thoughtful words of celebration.

The low point was: Dealing with the shitty, hurtful words of my renter (who is also my cousin).

I am frustrated/dissatisfied with: How quickly I internalize the things others say/do.

I want to change: My tendency toward worry/anxiety, because that is a hugely problematic chronic low-level stress that I can control.

I was most grateful for: Hubs. Dustin. Quiet house.

I learned: I don't really want to set any 2016 goals. Sounds too exhausting. I just want to track some specifics and see what I can accomplish via simple consistency. (Although...I am going to see if it's reasonable to do 366 Hank squats.)

I had a great connection with: Paige.

I want next week to: Feel energizing & exciting & easy.

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