Friday, January 22

Body: QLs tight today, and low back got pretty tight by mid-afternoon, despite a lunch break of sitting. Again I thought maybe I should work out when I got home, but I just didn't want to. Brain tired. Well, whatever; as long as the brain is doing well without more, I won't push much. I do keep trying to be conscious of my nutrition, though, because I should be eating less if I'm lifting less, and I feel like I'm at the top end of what I want to have for fat stores. (Hence, I bypassed a pizza purchase tonight.)

Brain: Lunched with BK. I like filling my Friday lunch slot with pals. And Trav's. Again a workday of a big variety of fun tasks: NSS is just the bestest. Eve silence, reading with pets and wondering where the hubs was, but feeling like a sullen teen who wasn't going to ask if he couldn't be bothered to tell me.

After work I hit the Grain Bin for some junk food & stuffs, and I discovered the rolls I was eating a couple weeks ago have DAIRY, ingredients #2 & #3. WTF! WRONG ROLLS. That explains the massive acne I blamed on my fake ice cream. I guess I should have remembered the color and SLIGHT name difference between the rolls I can eat safely and the one that made me hate my face/self/life for two weeks, but I hadn't bought them in many many months, and they had only ever even carried the one version at GB.

I hate food sensitivities. They completely fucking suck balls.

What I bought and made me hate everything.

What I can eat, and GB used to stock, and made my days happy.

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