Friday, January 1

  • GF dinner roll w/ cream cheeze
  • vat of coffee
  • pint AZ

Sleep: 9.75 hours in bed, 945p-730a, 70% quality. Nah, more like 85%. Woke often 3a onward, to Lexi and the flap-flap-flap of her ears, but otherwise solid. And LOTS. That's the way to ring in the new year!

Healthy Movement: Morning ROUS/NSS run went okay. It was harder than I'd like 3-ish miles to feel, but it wasn't trails in woods, so that didn't help make it easy. The chitchat before, during, after, all made it worth it! More [trail!] miles planned tomorrow with Heidi & some other women, then lifting on Sunday, so I couldn't also lift today. But I could swing & snatch, and so I did.

Fun & Play: NSS early to set up ROUS run with the boss boys, even knocked out a couple tasks. Fun time running and SO MUCH FUN before/after. Bills paid. Tiny dose of retail therapy (that included saying no to a bunch of other stuff, win!). Fun with KBs. Supper out with the hubs, followed by vegging with critters in front of a movie.

This necklace has been on my "to buy" list for over a year; I had decided I would get it when I nailed a BW bench press. I still haven't, but so fucking what? I got within 5 pounds roughly a year ago, then shoulder problems sent me sliding backward, but I have been diligently working on my bench this entire time. I'm consistent, but the results just aren't coming. But if my effort is the only thing I can control here (and it is) then doesn't that earn me a little reward? Yes, dammit, it does, screw the internal cunt that always says I'm not good enough yet. She's wrong, she's wrong, she's wrong. She's always wrong, and the same is true for that rotten bitch in your own brain, my friend.

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