Wednesday, December 9

  • Larabars: 1
  • metric ton of cashews

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, maybe 75% quality. Lexi was noisy (flap flap flap) 330-4a, Hank was prancing at 5a sharp. To top it off, got up with an aching ear from one of my ear plugs; that is a surprisingly painful place to have a hurt.

Healthy Movement: Got up with body feeling good, but feeling no desire to fit in a run today. Packed a bag anyway, just in case I heard from my friends. I didn't. And I didn't do my swings & snatches either, because I was cranky & lazy.

Fun & Play: Finished shopping for Xmas presents for Chiefs, and feeling generous about the extras I'm adding. Love my boss boys. Massively productive at DBB, but then ran out of things I could do, and waited for boss man to get off the phone to help me, and he kept jabbering, so I finally gave up and left early. Thus, home early. Thus, reading early!

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