Wednesday, December 30

  • 2 Larabars
  • 3-ish servings olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 89% quality. Up for water, bathroom, cookie at 230a. Argh.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good; still a touch of left hip flexor annoyance, shoulder perhaps a teensy step backward from Tuesday's session. Easy deadlifts to bring the brain back up after they were so hard last week. Plus, the KB rope row has dramatically improved after only like 4 weeks, and the point of it is to work toward a rope climb. Eeeee! Pull-ups goal reached, with ease.

Fun & Play: Paige time. Session. Dustin time. NSS bliss. GP & BB visit with unexpected treats! FB silliness. Much time spent dreaming of future possibilities.

The most wonderful post by Dustin regarding my pull-ups. I want to hug him for it, and never let go. 

Such a deep tribute to my silly little obsession.

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