Wednesday, December 23

  • 2 larabars
  • Paleokrunch
  • GF English muffin w/ cheeze
  • Entire bag of chips (oops)

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 82% quality. Woke super early, tossed & turned, gave up. Should have been lots of sleep, but didn't feel like it. Wanted to nap by 3p or so.

Healthy Movement: Body felt decent but once again, everything in session was quite hard, out of sync, just ugh. What the hell gives?! When I got home, I just wanted to veg, without even a book, because that sounded like a lot of work. But I didn't want to watch TV either - also required too much energy. WHAT?? Took a little catnap with Clyde, snoozing while waiting to feed the dogs at 6p.

Shoulder was cranky after sitting for a while; I actually think the positioning of my couch/recliner might be aggravating it more than my workouts even. (What?!) I have spent tons more time couching lately because I've had such good books to read, so it coincides nicely with shoulder crank. After that I read a magazine while standing in the kitchen. I don't know.

Fun & Play: Caribou. NSS. Fun mug magic. Gifting to Timmy and to my former peeps (I'm assuming they could use a little lift at this point). Semi-delirious, over-tired, goofy coworkers. Wonderfully amazing friends. Sweet pets.

Temperance: It's been a while since I've felt this junky and I don't like it. Especially since I don't really have anything specific to point to as causing it. I haven't been running but I didn't think I missed it - I do miss my friends, though not desperately like I did this fall. I've been reading good books and the hubs has been home, which has kept me from feeling lonely. My resting pulse has been pretty high lately, which usually indicates stress or sickness; I don't really feel either one. I don't know what's up. And I don't really know how to fix it, other than to rest as much as needed, read lots (maybe in a new chair), find ways to get outside (think I will take the pooches LCSP-ing tomorrow), and keep plans to a minimum (only my family & my besties get my time).

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