Wednesday, December 2

  • 2 Larabars
  • bag olive oil potato chips
  • grilled cheeze
Sleep: dunno, have no data since phone upgraded. I do know that I was woken at 4a by the dogs YET AGAIN.

Healthy Movement: Core feels decent and weather is gorgeous, but sticking to no running. I would like a sunny weekend outing, so I'm not risking a run in the dark tonight that might prevent it. Body felt really good while getting into awkward squats, decorating the work Xmas tree, just fluid & smooth. No squat soreness! Was supposed to go home and do swings & snatches, but I was just plain tired as shit.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Final dose of Xmas decorating. Much productivity. Hubs time. Silly, silly pets.

Temperance: Shockingly draining day, felt long as hell since I ended it on a frustrating work task followed by a frustrating personal task. Have a request from a TS peep for help on an inherited task that made me feel badly, because Fuck That Place...but not Fuck That Guy. I like that guy, but my gut reaction is to remind TS that "everyone is replaceable," so hey, why do they need me? Or, without cash in my hand, why in the hell should I help? But that reaction left me feeling shitty, because that is not who I am. I am a helper. But clearly I am far more bitter than I realized, and that made me feel rotten.

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