Thursday, December 3

  • 2 Larabars
  • grilled cheeze

Sleep: Dunno, info is on old phone and I don't have it. I do know I was mostly awake 3-4a, up for bathroom, water, snack. Got up tired.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good but was tired & cranky, so didn't have a lot of hope for session, but my warm-up felt great, and things grooved, and BB deadlifts went well (2" platforms). Not great on TGUs, though; again having some odd tightness in front of left upper arm that makes overhead mobility unstable. Logged my "new usual" of 4 sets of flexed arm hangs, minute rest between; held for 20 seconds again - still tough, but not quite as impossible feeling as on Tuesday. Probably 1-2 more of those and I can bump it up again. Hopefully. I'd really like to get to 2:00 for the TSC.

Fun & Play: NSS day, busy and productive and fun. A group photo outside, with Santa hats & silliness. A brain turned 'round thanks to my tribe just being my tribe. Fancy new phone!

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