Thursday, December 24

  • GF English muffin x2
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 845p-545a, 81% quality. Fair amount of tossing & turning 3a onward or so. Napped 12-130p, and it was fab.

Healthy Movement: Body decent, left shoulder a touch crank while sleeping. Things I've thought of that could be aggravating it: heavier bench cycle; wide/pull-up grip; couch time; reading time; limited ROM in that shoulder; pure bullshit randomness. Le sigh. Anyway, I had less than zero desire to go running solo, so I decided to do swings & snatches - but the snatches went terribly, all jerky & smacky so I smartly shut those down immediately. Luckily, the med ball slams felt fantabulously fun/easy, and I added some yoga I've been missing, and then stretched every angle of the left shoulder. Laziness the rest of the day, including 4 hours of couch time.

Fun & Play: Slow morning. Emailed the boss boys my thanks. Played fetch in the snow, coffee in my hand. Laziness. Nap time. Hubs time. Two funny movies!

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