Thursday, December 10

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Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 89% quality, woke by Hanky, still very tired.

Healthy Movement: Body was feeling good, and session was fine, though nothing stellar. Still some weirdness in left overhead mobility. Hint of left shoulder crank, was doing PT stretches during session, still felt it creep back in, in the afternoon. No thanks.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Much hilarity with Paige. Dog park adventures: happy pooches, happy me hanging with Charlie, CE, & CJE. Hubs time. Reading time.

Temperance: On Tuesday, Dustin passed me off to Mike, for devoted work time. Today, I trained with Paige, because both  boss boys were at a speaking event. Somehow, this came in feeling personal, and I wanted to cry. It had nothing to do with me, yet my overly tired brain listened to the cunty internal voice that insisted it did. I've been feeling very drained for the past couple weeks, extra much so this week, and so now I'm overly sensitive to absolutely everything. I hate this feeling.

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