Sunday, December 20

Nutrition: I ate like a champ today. ALL THE FOOD.
  • treats from GB (dark chocolate, honey, almond / dark chocolate, honey, ginger)
  • Daiya pizza
  • pint AZ
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 82% quality. Slept like a rock, then a bit tossy/turny 2a onward, but I woke naturally and felt rested. Winning! Napped 12-2p again, loving my life.

Healthy Movement: Bit of ache in legs getting out of bed. Had a basement session of All The Lifts, and hip flexors were oddly creaky, and bench felt hard. Surprisingly had no mental investment in the outcome, though, just happy I did it all. Felt remarkable improvement in flexed arm hang; I was stuck at 20s repeats for two weeks (took that long not to feel impossible), but then steadily increased 22, 24, 26 over the past week. My plan is to get up to 30s repeats feeling easy-ish, then decrease the rest periods. Also, I crossed 10,000 YTD pull-ups today. BITCHEZ.

Fun & Play: Slow breakfast. Bills paid. Good lifting, while hubs also used his Bowflex (yay!). NAP TIME. A hubs in cleaning mode. All chores done. Tons of reading done. Lovely day!

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