Sunday, December 13

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Sleep: I didn't have Sleep Cycle on, since I didn't want to find an outlet at 130a. But there you go, I went to bed at 1:30a, and was up by 6:30a, after I heard CJ return to his bed and I couldn't fall back. Thanks for all of the recent 445a trainings, Hanky! Quality had to hover around 50%. It was a long time before the screaming drunken laughter and maniacal thumping from downstairs was overtaken by my exhaustion. Managed to nap 2-4p, sleeping like a log on one side until I woke at 3, then I flipped and logged another solid hour on that side. Like a champ!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling okay. Commenced mainlining coffee, made endless plates of bacon, stayed busy & felt okay. By the drive home, I was feeling the sleep deprivation. Met my beasties for a run anyway, but I at least had the intelligence to cut it a little short. Body felt better than I expected, but I know the run will delay my sleep recovery, and leave me achier than usual, so I made it as short as I could mentally stand. Post-nap, I of course felt even worse. Sleepy, a little sore, mentally tanked. Aware that I will feel this for a few days. After a lazy week last week, I don't feel good at the prospect of yet another one!

Fun & Play: Very thankful I had the main living area to myself when I woke so much earlier than others. I made & drank lots of good coffee, caught up on Faceplace, did a little clean-up, started the bacon, and happily greeted my peeps as they trickled in. I enabled their own mainlining of coffee (5 pots, I think), made the entire package of bacon ends & pieces (all gone), two packages of sausage (not sure these got touched), and then made my own eggs & toast. CJ took on pancake duty, and damn they looked good. When we had to leave, all but three bellies were happily satisfied, since those bellies had just awakened. Happy pets at home. Trails with my favorites, where I planned a doggie date for Hankypank on Wednesday. Nap time with my snuggly kittehs. Reading. A zero-obligation evening, minimal chores accomplished.

Temperance: Last night as I was helping with Mount Dishes, I had a few crank thoughts of resentment against those who'd gone to bed early and those who were still partying, with me being the only one helping the boss boys. And this morning some more resentment that those in both groups didn't help make breakfast (besides CJ), and probably the two super-hungover boss wives wouldn't actually be much help with clean-up, and guilty that it would fall upon the boss boys (we had to leave by 10 so I could run, and everyone else had already left).

But while driving to meet my besties, I realized that the party is supposed to be from the boss boys, to us, in appreciation of all we do for their baby. So tradition is to let them do everything. And yet, that was probably a lot easier when it was 8 people - last night was 15! I simply do not have it in my power to sit by and let the boss boys do everything like that. Didn't they just pay hundreds of dollars to give us fabulous gifts and a fuckton of fun memories? Why wouldn't I spend a couple hours of my time lightening their load a bit? But instead of resentment for the non-helpers, I realized I could instead be grateful that I have a helping heart, bosses I love, and the ability to lighten their load in many small ways.

I'm working on it.

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