Saturday, December 5

  • 1 Larabar
  • sweetened pecan treats (but lowest sugar of all the other options I debated)
  • bag olive oil potato chips (I gotta stop buying these, really, they ARE NOT supposed to be single-serving bags!)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, no data because somehow it wasn't turned on even though I KNOW I DID IT. Also, up stupidly early because the dogs were jerks again.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty awesome; tight hamstrings & upper back yet, but improved over yesterday. Logged an epic All The Things workout where absolutely everything felt good & strong: happy girl! Some low-back tightness later in the day, but nothing concerning. Left arm/shoulder again had some instability in presses, but it was better than it felt on Thursday, and noticeably stronger than only a couple of weeks ago.

Fun & Play: Bills paid & November reconciled before 7a! Super duper fun times at the Sweatin' For A Cause event at NSS. Fun workout, partially with Paige, partially while tracking the Western States Lottery*. Caribou treat! Back to NSS to wrap Xmas party gifts, and more Paige chitchat (I like that sweet girl!). FINALLY got my new phone all loaded with pics & contacts, although I didn't realize they would completely wipe everything I'd done so far on the new one: SO MUCH WASTED TIME WITH THIS. (And I also still need to upgrade the laptop, ugh ugh ugh. May just wait til post-tax-season for that slogfest.) Went shopping at Target, specifically for some plain colorful tees & jeans...and $272 later I did have 4 tees & 2 jeans, but also had a METRIC TON of new work/out clothes & a Hulk tee & one Xmas present & two Xmas cards. Oops. Well, I still had fun money from last tax season, so why not? Silly pets, hubs time, quiet lazy Saturday night at home.

Nature: *Since BK is not in Western States, I don't even have to debate spending my summer vacation on him, so hubs & I are most definitely going to Colorado next summer. MOUNTAINS FOR ME PLEASE CAN IT BE NOW PLEASE I WANT THEM RANOW.

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