Saturday, December 12

Nutrition: NSS Xmas means looooots of food!
  • GF dinner roll w/ fake cream cheese
  • sweetened BBQ on my special baked unbreaded wings
  • metric ton of BWCs
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 80% quality. Up at 4a to let Hank out. And I left him out, the rotten little fucker. But no worries, he got back at me when he began noisily rummaging in the recycling bin at 530a. COME ON, YOU JERK.

Healthy Movement: Upper back feels tight. I had decided I could possibly squeeze in time to lift this morning, but I gave up on that when I didn't bounce up out of bed. I do have a running date planned with my besties tomorrow, but if that means bolting out of the NSS breakfast early, then I won't be doing it. I'd rather lift, anyway; running really just doesn't hold any appeal right now, for some reason. Much sitting throughout the day, body was okay with it. Got extremely tired on drive to Camp Ripley, but managed okay after that.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving weekend morning: lovely. Snuggles with Clyde. Wreaths for the Fallen (that wasn't redonk freezing!). Made a purty NSS-colored bracelet with the NSS women. Joined the NSS boys and commenced the real party, alongside a hubs who thoroughly enjoyed it as well. So many laughs, lovely gifts, hilarious gifts, funny videos, fun games, laughing laughing laughing with my favoritest people. Helped the boss boys with nighttime cleanup while the early birds were already out or gone, and the drunks were still raging on - we finished up the ginormous pile of dishes at 1:00am. Hard to believe I even stayed up that late!

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