Monday, December 14

  • Larabars: 1
  • GF dinner roll w/ fake cream cheeze

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 94% quality, but then I got up to let the dogs out, waited for Lexi to get back, and went the fuck back to bed. Dozed for 15 minutes, got up to let a scratching, whining Hank back in, then went the fuck back to bed. Dozed until 6a, got up to a whining Hank. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT DOG. I was hating him pretty thoroughly. I got up feeling tired & crank, like the dose of bucket-refilling from the NSS party was already gone.

Healthy Movement: Body felt better than expected when I rose; basically nothing besides slight calf tightness. The left shoulder has been a little crank for the past week. Very mild at this point, but coinciding, very sadly, with heavier benching. Finally had my shit together to do swings & snatches when I got home. Left shoulder didn't love the snatches, but the rest of the body felt pretty much amazing.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in, kinda sorta. Writing. Retail therapy (mostly books). Fun project at DBB: data entry, which some days would bore me to tears, but was weirdly pleasant today. Maybe brainlessness is just what I needed.

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