Friday, December 4

  • 3 Larabars (oops)
  • bag avocado oil potato chips (nom)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, no quality showing, because the fancy new phone has to calibrate first. (GAH, GIMME MY DATA!) I'd call it 75%.

Healthy Movement: None. Sat on my ass all day and then did the same at home. Some tightness in core due to the sitting (come on, how can both running and sitting aggravate it?!), so I plotted a lifting date tomorrow and running date on Sunday. Slight tightness in hamstrings, slight tightness in upper back; thanks, deadlifts!

Fun & Play: Taxy peeps at a [long, dull] conference. Another visit to Sprint, with good progress on fancy new phone (still no photos and only some contacts, gotta go back tomorrow AGAIN). Silly, loving pets.

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