Friday, December 25

  • half a Daiya cheezecake w/
  • homemade date-based caramel

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, 69% quality. Better than that; awake for a bit at 3a, but didn't need to get up; woke naturally.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Nothing from yesterday's swings, happily. Shoulder about the same. Logged a Half the Lifts workout, and thus could add more swings & slams (aka, fun!). It didn't all feel great, things felt heavier than they "should," which has been a theme the past couple of weeks. I dunno what's up, but I guess as long as I'm still lifting heavy, it counts. I should probably be doing Dave's biofeedback thing when my body acts like this. Hell, I am the sort of person who should be doing it all the time, but I've just never gotten into it, because the idea of doing something I SHOULD do rather than what I WANT to do is rather frustrating to me. Even if I know it's best/right/brilliant to do what I should, I want to do what I want to do, dammit! It would take a mindset shift for me, a game of figuring out what I "get to" do today, rather than having a plan that I'm forced to change. Maybe it's something worth trying during tax season stressful busyness, at least.

Fun & Play: Good sleep. Slow moving morning. Lifting. Family time. Happy pets. Fun afternoon of cards. So much delicious food.

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