Wednesday, December 30

  • 2 Larabars
  • 3-ish servings olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 89% quality. Up for water, bathroom, cookie at 230a. Argh.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good; still a touch of left hip flexor annoyance, shoulder perhaps a teensy step backward from Tuesday's session. Easy deadlifts to bring the brain back up after they were so hard last week. Plus, the KB rope row has dramatically improved after only like 4 weeks, and the point of it is to work toward a rope climb. Eeeee! Pull-ups goal reached, with ease.

Fun & Play: Paige time. Session. Dustin time. NSS bliss. GP & BB visit with unexpected treats! FB silliness. Much time spent dreaming of future possibilities.

The most wonderful post by Dustin regarding my pull-ups. I want to hug him for it, and never let go. 

Such a deep tribute to my silly little obsession.

Tuesday, December 29

Nutrition: Tonight I tried a trick discussed at the canteen, after donating blood. I opened a bag of potato chips, filled a bowl, and closed up the bag & put it away. I only ate what was in the bowl, rather than the entire bag in front of me. And I was still satisfied. WHAT A CRAZY CONCEPT. THE WORLD SHOULD KNOW ABOUT THIS!
  • 2 larabars
  • Paleokrunch
  • ~2s olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 72% quality. Woke & up for bathroom, water, snack at 130a. Angrily.

Healthy Movement: Body felt great. Something a bit off in left hip flexor, it got a little bitchy during squats. Rest of the day was all cool. Shoulder slightly improving.

Fun & Play: NSS day, silliness abounding. That place makes me so happy. Donating blood, which including running into two friends, thus chatting the entire time. Time to read with my cuddly pets.

Monday, December 28

Nutrition: Think I need to stop with the two-per-morning Larabars and instead try having a large snack/small meal just once in mid-morning. I can't not have something, since breakfast is at 530a and lunch is at 115p (after noon lifting). If I thought & planned in "meal" terms, I could avoid spending so much on LBs, avoid a decent amount of sugar, and have better nutrients coming in. This will be quite a challenge for me to accomplish, since LBs are just SO EASY.
  • Larabars: 2
  • Paleokrunch

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 66% quality. Weird; I would've called it 90%. Woke naturally but was disappointed when I looked at the time, felt like I could have tucked back in & fallen back.

Healthy Movement: Slight ache in back & lower body. Shoulder only vaguely there; carried 25-lb cat litter across WalMart with left hand and it didn't whine; yay! Got tired at DBB, but that's again because I don't move enough.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Nice boss men chitchat. SM chitchat. Evening DBB Xmas gathering was lovely. Excellent people.

Sunday, December 27

  • GF dinner roll w/ cream cheese
  • lotta rice crackers
  • metric ton BWCs

Sleep: 9.5 hours in bed, 815p(!)-545a, 85% quality. Slept like a log and got up feeling great. Still wanted nap at about 1p, but no time.

Healthy Movement: Logged a sweet round of basement lifting that left me feeling good & strong, even though nothing truly radical in it. Body a touch fatigued afterward, but having no specific aches or pains was fantabulous. Nothing hurting from run. Only slight underlying shoulder weirdness; way ton better than yesterday, and it wasn't aggravated by lifting. Hooray!

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning. Solid lifting. Hubs time. Sleepy pets. Funny blog reading. A big happy Hoppe family Christmas.

Saturday, December 26

  • Trav's
  • bag olive oil chips

Sleep: 9.25 hours in bed, 845p-6a, 86% quality. Hellz yeah, I got up feeling awesome.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great straight out of bed. Sat around all morning. Shoulder was perfectly fine, nothing - until I held the grocery basket in my left hand for like 5 minutes. BOOM, now it hurts the rest of the day. So I'm adding BB deadlifting to my possible shoulder-pain causers. Finally logged a trail run, in lots of fresh snow, making it extra hard. Still, great fun with BK, feels like it's been ages. Post-run, had some niggles up in the hamstring insertion areas, an old ache - not the strained hamstring pain from this summer/fall.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning with Clyde in my lap. Fewer places to change my stored credit card than I thought. Loooong second breakfast with my BB. Running with BK. Being outside in the daylight! Laziness on couch, snuggling with Clyde & Hanky boy.

Friday, December 25

  • half a Daiya cheezecake w/
  • homemade date-based caramel

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 1015p-530a, 69% quality. Better than that; awake for a bit at 3a, but didn't need to get up; woke naturally.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good. Nothing from yesterday's swings, happily. Shoulder about the same. Logged a Half the Lifts workout, and thus could add more swings & slams (aka, fun!). It didn't all feel great, things felt heavier than they "should," which has been a theme the past couple of weeks. I dunno what's up, but I guess as long as I'm still lifting heavy, it counts. I should probably be doing Dave's biofeedback thing when my body acts like this. Hell, I am the sort of person who should be doing it all the time, but I've just never gotten into it, because the idea of doing something I SHOULD do rather than what I WANT to do is rather frustrating to me. Even if I know it's best/right/brilliant to do what I should, I want to do what I want to do, dammit! It would take a mindset shift for me, a game of figuring out what I "get to" do today, rather than having a plan that I'm forced to change. Maybe it's something worth trying during tax season stressful busyness, at least.

Fun & Play: Good sleep. Slow moving morning. Lifting. Family time. Happy pets. Fun afternoon of cards. So much delicious food.

Thursday, December 24

  • GF English muffin x2
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 845p-545a, 81% quality. Fair amount of tossing & turning 3a onward or so. Napped 12-130p, and it was fab.

Healthy Movement: Body decent, left shoulder a touch crank while sleeping. Things I've thought of that could be aggravating it: heavier bench cycle; wide/pull-up grip; couch time; reading time; limited ROM in that shoulder; pure bullshit randomness. Le sigh. Anyway, I had less than zero desire to go running solo, so I decided to do swings & snatches - but the snatches went terribly, all jerky & smacky so I smartly shut those down immediately. Luckily, the med ball slams felt fantabulously fun/easy, and I added some yoga I've been missing, and then stretched every angle of the left shoulder. Laziness the rest of the day, including 4 hours of couch time.

Fun & Play: Slow morning. Emailed the boss boys my thanks. Played fetch in the snow, coffee in my hand. Laziness. Nap time. Hubs time. Two funny movies!

Wednesday, December 23

  • 2 larabars
  • Paleokrunch
  • GF English muffin w/ cheeze
  • Entire bag of chips (oops)

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 82% quality. Woke super early, tossed & turned, gave up. Should have been lots of sleep, but didn't feel like it. Wanted to nap by 3p or so.

Healthy Movement: Body felt decent but once again, everything in session was quite hard, out of sync, just ugh. What the hell gives?! When I got home, I just wanted to veg, without even a book, because that sounded like a lot of work. But I didn't want to watch TV either - also required too much energy. WHAT?? Took a little catnap with Clyde, snoozing while waiting to feed the dogs at 6p.

Shoulder was cranky after sitting for a while; I actually think the positioning of my couch/recliner might be aggravating it more than my workouts even. (What?!) I have spent tons more time couching lately because I've had such good books to read, so it coincides nicely with shoulder crank. After that I read a magazine while standing in the kitchen. I don't know.

Fun & Play: Caribou. NSS. Fun mug magic. Gifting to Timmy and to my former peeps (I'm assuming they could use a little lift at this point). Semi-delirious, over-tired, goofy coworkers. Wonderfully amazing friends. Sweet pets.

Temperance: It's been a while since I've felt this junky and I don't like it. Especially since I don't really have anything specific to point to as causing it. I haven't been running but I didn't think I missed it - I do miss my friends, though not desperately like I did this fall. I've been reading good books and the hubs has been home, which has kept me from feeling lonely. My resting pulse has been pretty high lately, which usually indicates stress or sickness; I don't really feel either one. I don't know what's up. And I don't really know how to fix it, other than to rest as much as needed, read lots (maybe in a new chair), find ways to get outside (think I will take the pooches LCSP-ing tomorrow), and keep plans to a minimum (only my family & my besties get my time).

Tuesday, December 22

  • 2 larabars
  • Paleokrunch
  • Pint AZ

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 91% quality. Woke naturally, feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Sore from Sunday's squats. Everything in session felt hard. In eve, couldn't even finish third flexed arm hang (of my usual 4) - just too hard. What is up, body?

Fun & Play: NSS day. Favorite peeps in silly sweaters. Chitchat & plans with besties. Gifting to Chief. Enough reading time to finish yet another book. Snuggly pets. 

Monday, December 21

  • 2 Larabars
  • many rice crackers
  • GF dinner roll w/ cream cheeze

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 9p-515a, 87% quality. Was solid but woke at 2a (too big of a supper), and then was in/out 430a onward (was just plain time to get up). And Hanky didn't get off the couch until I got up - it is the most lovely thing EVAH to be able to wake up naturally.

Healthy Movement: In the morning, low back feeling the deadlifts, in a good way. But upper legs feeling the squats, in a bad way, by afternoon. Oof. Had planned swings & snatches, but erred on the cautious side with rest for tomorrow's session. At least then I only have one workout to regret!

Fun & Play: Slow-moving morning, after waking naturally: priceless!! Bought hubs & me snowshoes for some quality time in the great outdoors. If this purchase means no more snow, I'm fine with that! Good lazy night of reading. 

Sunday, December 20

Nutrition: I ate like a champ today. ALL THE FOOD.
  • treats from GB (dark chocolate, honey, almond / dark chocolate, honey, ginger)
  • Daiya pizza
  • pint AZ
Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 945p-545a, 82% quality. Slept like a rock, then a bit tossy/turny 2a onward, but I woke naturally and felt rested. Winning! Napped 12-2p again, loving my life.

Healthy Movement: Bit of ache in legs getting out of bed. Had a basement session of All The Lifts, and hip flexors were oddly creaky, and bench felt hard. Surprisingly had no mental investment in the outcome, though, just happy I did it all. Felt remarkable improvement in flexed arm hang; I was stuck at 20s repeats for two weeks (took that long not to feel impossible), but then steadily increased 22, 24, 26 over the past week. My plan is to get up to 30s repeats feeling easy-ish, then decrease the rest periods. Also, I crossed 10,000 YTD pull-ups today. BITCHEZ.

Fun & Play: Slow breakfast. Bills paid. Good lifting, while hubs also used his Bowflex (yay!). NAP TIME. A hubs in cleaning mode. All chores done. Tons of reading done. Lovely day!

Saturday, December 19

  • GF dinner roll w/ fake cream cheeze
  • Downtown Diner breakfast
  • fake ice cream
  • suspect mashed potatoes at a bar in St Martin

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 10p-530a, 84% quality. In late due to chatty cousin Marky, up early to run with pals. Napped 12-2p, and felt great.

Healthy Movement: Ran roads with ROUSers in order to breakfast with them & exchange white elephant gifts. Didn't feel hard, but left IT was a little crank during the final mile or so, despite emphatic aversion of leftward slants; but we were quite slow and had bad footing, both of which created an unnatural gait.

Fun & Play: ROUS peeps dressed up silly for Christmas, chitchat with BL & HB, breakfast with peeps I don't often see, laziness at home, nap time, Hoppe family outing, pet snuggles, reading time. A good day.

Friday, December 18

  • 2 Larabars
  • GF dinner roll
  • Qdoba
  • sugary cashew bites (shared with my NSS peeps so I'd only get a few)

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 97% quality. YES. Hanky didn't even get off the couch today.

Healthy Movement: Low back was tight today, I'd blame both deadlifts and the stress of caring for my friend. Nothing major though, just tight.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Coworkers who belong on walls of fame, everywhere. Friend battling depression had a better day, and I played a part in that. Incredibly wondertastic and sweet meeting with my generous boss boys. I love them so deeply, I can't even find words. Emma time, shopping for Katie (pushing all the noisy buttons in the toy aisle), out for supper, followed by [lengthy] chitchat with the rest of her family.

Thursday, December 17

  • 2 Larabars
  • GF dinner roll
  • this may have been the night I ate a pot full of spaghetti?

Sleep: 9 (!) hours in bed, 845p-545a, 92% quality. Hanky boy came in at his usual 430a, Hop beeped his shock collar (beeped, didn't shock), and he went back to sleep. Thus, SO DID I. It was glorious. I slept through my alarm. It was glorious.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty great. Session was a decent showing other than the left shoulder mobility is getting worse. I suppose when I do absolutely nothing about it, that's not a surprising outcome, eh?

Fun & Play: NSS day. Helping a friend experiencing depression, and being able to understand exactly how she feels, small slice of gratitude for the pain I went through back when. Session full of smartassery. Beloved coworkers, just wondertastic beings. Pets. Hubs. Reading. Writing.

I don't need much.

Wednesday, December 16

Nutrition: Pretty hungry today. And snacky, so I ate various appetizers for supper. Plus an entire bag of chips, accompanied by an impressive "I'm eating chips for supper" song.  
  • Larabars: 2
  • Bag olive oil potato chips

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 85% quality. Up at 130a for water, bathroom, half a LB (pure carbs for supper). Hank was up at 4a, got up to throw him out around 430a, got up to his incessant scratching at 5a.

Tonight, hubs insists he's wearing the shock collar. I won't even fight him - this is getting ridiculous. He has spurts where he's perfectly able to go 8 hours overnight, and Hop is letting him out at around 1030p, so there is no reason he needs to be up at 430a.

Healthy Movement: Could feel the left hip flexor weirdness straight out of bed. Left shoulder was better overnight. Squat soreness in quads, and lats a bit sore (happy). Had running plans with Heidi and our dogs, but snow canceled them. Should've done swings but body didn't feel awesome and tomorrow is deadlift day, so I was lazy. 

Fun & Play: Slow morning, with bonus hubs time. Productivity. FB sillies. Fetch. Hubs time. Much reading time, new books!

Tuesday, December 15

Nutrition: Let CJ twist my arm into 1pm coffee: delicious happiness!
  • 2 Larabars
  • rice spaghetti

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 915p-445a, 77% quality. Hank up at 430a, jerkface. Tired girl. Left shoulder was a bit crank overnight when sleeping on it.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling fairly good. Session went decent. Slight weirdness in left hip flexor, but was not bothered during squats.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Good Chief chat, much productivity, and random silliness like shuffling on the ice to the mailbox with CJ. FB fun. Chores finished. Reading time with Hanky trying to get into my lap.

Temperance: I am back to giving up on my too-busy friend. I just can't keep chasing that friendship. If it has to be forced, then it's not worth my time. It's too exhausting, and it's very bad for my brain.

Monday, December 14

  • Larabars: 1
  • GF dinner roll w/ fake cream cheeze

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, 94% quality, but then I got up to let the dogs out, waited for Lexi to get back, and went the fuck back to bed. Dozed for 15 minutes, got up to let a scratching, whining Hank back in, then went the fuck back to bed. Dozed until 6a, got up to a whining Hank. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT DOG. I was hating him pretty thoroughly. I got up feeling tired & crank, like the dose of bucket-refilling from the NSS party was already gone.

Healthy Movement: Body felt better than expected when I rose; basically nothing besides slight calf tightness. The left shoulder has been a little crank for the past week. Very mild at this point, but coinciding, very sadly, with heavier benching. Finally had my shit together to do swings & snatches when I got home. Left shoulder didn't love the snatches, but the rest of the body felt pretty much amazing.

Fun & Play: Sleeping in, kinda sorta. Writing. Retail therapy (mostly books). Fun project at DBB: data entry, which some days would bore me to tears, but was weirdly pleasant today. Maybe brainlessness is just what I needed.

Sunday, December 13

  • 1 Larabar
Sleep: I didn't have Sleep Cycle on, since I didn't want to find an outlet at 130a. But there you go, I went to bed at 1:30a, and was up by 6:30a, after I heard CJ return to his bed and I couldn't fall back. Thanks for all of the recent 445a trainings, Hanky! Quality had to hover around 50%. It was a long time before the screaming drunken laughter and maniacal thumping from downstairs was overtaken by my exhaustion. Managed to nap 2-4p, sleeping like a log on one side until I woke at 3, then I flipped and logged another solid hour on that side. Like a champ!

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling okay. Commenced mainlining coffee, made endless plates of bacon, stayed busy & felt okay. By the drive home, I was feeling the sleep deprivation. Met my beasties for a run anyway, but I at least had the intelligence to cut it a little short. Body felt better than I expected, but I know the run will delay my sleep recovery, and leave me achier than usual, so I made it as short as I could mentally stand. Post-nap, I of course felt even worse. Sleepy, a little sore, mentally tanked. Aware that I will feel this for a few days. After a lazy week last week, I don't feel good at the prospect of yet another one!

Fun & Play: Very thankful I had the main living area to myself when I woke so much earlier than others. I made & drank lots of good coffee, caught up on Faceplace, did a little clean-up, started the bacon, and happily greeted my peeps as they trickled in. I enabled their own mainlining of coffee (5 pots, I think), made the entire package of bacon ends & pieces (all gone), two packages of sausage (not sure these got touched), and then made my own eggs & toast. CJ took on pancake duty, and damn they looked good. When we had to leave, all but three bellies were happily satisfied, since those bellies had just awakened. Happy pets at home. Trails with my favorites, where I planned a doggie date for Hankypank on Wednesday. Nap time with my snuggly kittehs. Reading. A zero-obligation evening, minimal chores accomplished.

Temperance: Last night as I was helping with Mount Dishes, I had a few crank thoughts of resentment against those who'd gone to bed early and those who were still partying, with me being the only one helping the boss boys. And this morning some more resentment that those in both groups didn't help make breakfast (besides CJ), and probably the two super-hungover boss wives wouldn't actually be much help with clean-up, and guilty that it would fall upon the boss boys (we had to leave by 10 so I could run, and everyone else had already left).

But while driving to meet my besties, I realized that the party is supposed to be from the boss boys, to us, in appreciation of all we do for their baby. So tradition is to let them do everything. And yet, that was probably a lot easier when it was 8 people - last night was 15! I simply do not have it in my power to sit by and let the boss boys do everything like that. Didn't they just pay hundreds of dollars to give us fabulous gifts and a fuckton of fun memories? Why wouldn't I spend a couple hours of my time lightening their load a bit? But instead of resentment for the non-helpers, I realized I could instead be grateful that I have a helping heart, bosses I love, and the ability to lighten their load in many small ways.

I'm working on it.

Saturday, December 12

Nutrition: NSS Xmas means looooots of food!
  • GF dinner roll w/ fake cream cheese
  • sweetened BBQ on my special baked unbreaded wings
  • metric ton of BWCs
Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 945p-530a, 80% quality. Up at 4a to let Hank out. And I left him out, the rotten little fucker. But no worries, he got back at me when he began noisily rummaging in the recycling bin at 530a. COME ON, YOU JERK.

Healthy Movement: Upper back feels tight. I had decided I could possibly squeeze in time to lift this morning, but I gave up on that when I didn't bounce up out of bed. I do have a running date planned with my besties tomorrow, but if that means bolting out of the NSS breakfast early, then I won't be doing it. I'd rather lift, anyway; running really just doesn't hold any appeal right now, for some reason. Much sitting throughout the day, body was okay with it. Got extremely tired on drive to Camp Ripley, but managed okay after that.

Fun & Play: Slow-moving weekend morning: lovely. Snuggles with Clyde. Wreaths for the Fallen (that wasn't redonk freezing!). Made a purty NSS-colored bracelet with the NSS women. Joined the NSS boys and commenced the real party, alongside a hubs who thoroughly enjoyed it as well. So many laughs, lovely gifts, hilarious gifts, funny videos, fun games, laughing laughing laughing with my favoritest people. Helped the boss boys with nighttime cleanup while the early birds were already out or gone, and the drunks were still raging on - we finished up the ginormous pile of dishes at 1:00am. Hard to believe I even stayed up that late!

Friday, December 11

Nutrition: Today's strategy: if you can't get more sleep, get more calories.
  • 1 Larabar
  • Breakfast at Trav's 
  • GF dinner roll with fake cream cheese
  • SB&J & honey Paleo on the Go pancakes

Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 930p-445a, 79% quality. I need to start going to bed by 830p. I. Am. So. Tired. 

Healthy Movement: Body decent but incredibly tired. Should've done the flexed arm hangs that I didn't do yesterday (since I left work early for a vet visit) but the idea sounded way too hard. Low back feeling pretty tight. At about 2p, Paige & I discussed how easy it would be to fall asleep, even with the lights on and music blaring. Just pure exhaustion.

Fun & Play: NSS productivity, book club, Xmas party planning. Reading. Hubs time. Chitchat to plan a running date. FB silliness. Chitchat with CP.

Temperance: A major thing with a friend has been bothering me, and the chitchat with CP helped me realize it's not just me. It doesn't fix it for me, at ALL, but it makes me feel like less of an asshole to be thinking the way I am.

I volunteered to help out the boss boys with party things, and ended up with the VERY long grocery shopping list. I left a bit early to go fetch everything, and I literally just wanted to sit in my car & cry. It sounded impossibly hard to go suffer through WalMart. Yet once I decided to just go to Elden's, it got better. It was still a lot of work that I wished I hadn't volunteered for (huge cartload, many small decisions, find Sabrina-fied options, load it all in my car, unload it all into my house, sort everything out for the three different events, reload into car & fridge, etc).

BUT when I swung back through NSS to scavenge a few small items, and talked to Dustin about some logistics, it became clear how very, very helpful it was for me to take this shopping off their hands. They both do a TON of work for this party, so much behind the scenes and so much at the last-minute, and Dustin with a sick family - so seeing that come through a little more fully in his own exhaustion made me feel better that I was "suffering" for a good reason, that I really was helping them out in a big way. do they do it, all day every day? A thriving business to work in and work on, staff to manage and mold, fitness goals to chase, hobbies to indulge in, wee children to raise, very busy wives with their own jobs & hobbies, on much less sleep, and with much better attitudes. (Dustin has read like twice as many books as me this year: how?! when?!) I admire them so much, and I wish I were just a little bit like them.

Thursday, December 10

  • 1 Larabar

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 89% quality, woke by Hanky, still very tired.

Healthy Movement: Body was feeling good, and session was fine, though nothing stellar. Still some weirdness in left overhead mobility. Hint of left shoulder crank, was doing PT stretches during session, still felt it creep back in, in the afternoon. No thanks.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Much hilarity with Paige. Dog park adventures: happy pooches, happy me hanging with Charlie, CE, & CJE. Hubs time. Reading time.

Temperance: On Tuesday, Dustin passed me off to Mike, for devoted work time. Today, I trained with Paige, because both  boss boys were at a speaking event. Somehow, this came in feeling personal, and I wanted to cry. It had nothing to do with me, yet my overly tired brain listened to the cunty internal voice that insisted it did. I've been feeling very drained for the past couple weeks, extra much so this week, and so now I'm overly sensitive to absolutely everything. I hate this feeling.

Wednesday, December 9

  • Larabars: 1
  • metric ton of cashews

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, maybe 75% quality. Lexi was noisy (flap flap flap) 330-4a, Hank was prancing at 5a sharp. To top it off, got up with an aching ear from one of my ear plugs; that is a surprisingly painful place to have a hurt.

Healthy Movement: Got up with body feeling good, but feeling no desire to fit in a run today. Packed a bag anyway, just in case I heard from my friends. I didn't. And I didn't do my swings & snatches either, because I was cranky & lazy.

Fun & Play: Finished shopping for Xmas presents for Chiefs, and feeling generous about the extras I'm adding. Love my boss boys. Massively productive at DBB, but then ran out of things I could do, and waited for boss man to get off the phone to help me, and he kept jabbering, so I finally gave up and left early. Thus, home early. Thus, reading early!

Tuesday, December 8

Nutrition: Couldn't finish my ribs again at lunch. I think maybe it's time they're dog food.
  • 2 larabars
  • Rice crackers

Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 9p-445a, dog again needing out extra early. This is old. And frustrating. 

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good and greased but session wasn't anything impressive. Meh. 

Fun & Play: Slow morning. NSS time. Much silliness at work. Trained with Mike while Dustin took devoted work time; missed my Chief, but still fun to hang with Mike, been a while since I have done so. Random supper with my BB & her GP, totes lovely & awesome.

Temperance: Down on myself lately. Overly sensitive and feeling lame. Not sure what I need to come out of this, nothing specific seems to be the source.

Monday, December 7

Nutrition: Am I sick? At lunch, ribs just weren't good: too fatty, too little flavor. Never in my life have I left ribs uneaten; I've out-eaten my own dad at a rib fest! Weird.
  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 845p-445a, I'll judge 90% quality, but too short. Hank began prancing at 4a or so, like a punk-ass mofo.

Healthy Movement: Feeling yesterday's run, legs aching everywhere just a bit. Should've done swings & snatches, but I was feeling lazy.

Fun & Play: Lots of extra reading time thanks to Hank, drank an extra coffee while reading about AT hiking! DBB was productive, but not my favorite task, so it felt like a long day, but it actually helped when I made it longer and visited my papa to do his bookwork, too. I like that guy! Hubs time, taste-testing his rib sauce for the Xmas party. Another 50 pages read in my AT book. I am craving nature and trails!

Sunday, December 6

  • 1 Larabar
  • another bag avocado oil potato chips (I KNOW)
Sleep: 7.25 hours in bed, 10p-515a, no quality, but I'd say 90%. Just too short, because I need to learn I CANNOT go to bed late. Hank needed out at 5a; I wanted him to go out and never come back, I was so cranky at that point; why can't he let me sleep in?!

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good, like not even a tight lower back from deadlifts; found myself anticipating that while doing laundry (possibly conditioned to feel the QL tendonitis?), and was quite happy to feel nothing but good. Went running with my TROUSers+, and it was a gorgeous morning in the woods. The run itself got hard at 5 miles, when deadlift legs showed up, but it was fine, we weren't trying to be speedy.

Fun & Play: Reading. Running. Woods. Friends. Hot coffee. Stealing NSS wireless to speed up my phone's eons-long downloads. Reading reading reading. Quotes. Hubs time. Hanky-thinking-he-is-a-lapdog time.

Saturday, December 5

  • 1 Larabar
  • sweetened pecan treats (but lowest sugar of all the other options I debated)
  • bag olive oil potato chips (I gotta stop buying these, really, they ARE NOT supposed to be single-serving bags!)

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 9p-430a, no data because somehow it wasn't turned on even though I KNOW I DID IT. Also, up stupidly early because the dogs were jerks again.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling pretty awesome; tight hamstrings & upper back yet, but improved over yesterday. Logged an epic All The Things workout where absolutely everything felt good & strong: happy girl! Some low-back tightness later in the day, but nothing concerning. Left arm/shoulder again had some instability in presses, but it was better than it felt on Thursday, and noticeably stronger than only a couple of weeks ago.

Fun & Play: Bills paid & November reconciled before 7a! Super duper fun times at the Sweatin' For A Cause event at NSS. Fun workout, partially with Paige, partially while tracking the Western States Lottery*. Caribou treat! Back to NSS to wrap Xmas party gifts, and more Paige chitchat (I like that sweet girl!). FINALLY got my new phone all loaded with pics & contacts, although I didn't realize they would completely wipe everything I'd done so far on the new one: SO MUCH WASTED TIME WITH THIS. (And I also still need to upgrade the laptop, ugh ugh ugh. May just wait til post-tax-season for that slogfest.) Went shopping at Target, specifically for some plain colorful tees & jeans...and $272 later I did have 4 tees & 2 jeans, but also had a METRIC TON of new work/out clothes & a Hulk tee & one Xmas present & two Xmas cards. Oops. Well, I still had fun money from last tax season, so why not? Silly pets, hubs time, quiet lazy Saturday night at home.

Nature: *Since BK is not in Western States, I don't even have to debate spending my summer vacation on him, so hubs & I are most definitely going to Colorado next summer. MOUNTAINS FOR ME PLEASE CAN IT BE NOW PLEASE I WANT THEM RANOW.

Friday, December 4

  • 3 Larabars (oops)
  • bag avocado oil potato chips (nom)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 9p-530a, no quality showing, because the fancy new phone has to calibrate first. (GAH, GIMME MY DATA!) I'd call it 75%.

Healthy Movement: None. Sat on my ass all day and then did the same at home. Some tightness in core due to the sitting (come on, how can both running and sitting aggravate it?!), so I plotted a lifting date tomorrow and running date on Sunday. Slight tightness in hamstrings, slight tightness in upper back; thanks, deadlifts!

Fun & Play: Taxy peeps at a [long, dull] conference. Another visit to Sprint, with good progress on fancy new phone (still no photos and only some contacts, gotta go back tomorrow AGAIN). Silly, loving pets.

Thursday, December 3

  • 2 Larabars
  • grilled cheeze

Sleep: Dunno, info is on old phone and I don't have it. I do know I was mostly awake 3-4a, up for bathroom, water, snack. Got up tired.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling good but was tired & cranky, so didn't have a lot of hope for session, but my warm-up felt great, and things grooved, and BB deadlifts went well (2" platforms). Not great on TGUs, though; again having some odd tightness in front of left upper arm that makes overhead mobility unstable. Logged my "new usual" of 4 sets of flexed arm hangs, minute rest between; held for 20 seconds again - still tough, but not quite as impossible feeling as on Tuesday. Probably 1-2 more of those and I can bump it up again. Hopefully. I'd really like to get to 2:00 for the TSC.

Fun & Play: NSS day, busy and productive and fun. A group photo outside, with Santa hats & silliness. A brain turned 'round thanks to my tribe just being my tribe. Fancy new phone!

Wednesday, December 2

  • 2 Larabars
  • bag olive oil potato chips
  • grilled cheeze
Sleep: dunno, have no data since phone upgraded. I do know that I was woken at 4a by the dogs YET AGAIN.

Healthy Movement: Core feels decent and weather is gorgeous, but sticking to no running. I would like a sunny weekend outing, so I'm not risking a run in the dark tonight that might prevent it. Body felt really good while getting into awkward squats, decorating the work Xmas tree, just fluid & smooth. No squat soreness! Was supposed to go home and do swings & snatches, but I was just plain tired as shit.

Fun & Play: NSS day. Final dose of Xmas decorating. Much productivity. Hubs time. Silly, silly pets.

Temperance: Shockingly draining day, felt long as hell since I ended it on a frustrating work task followed by a frustrating personal task. Have a request from a TS peep for help on an inherited task that made me feel badly, because Fuck That Place...but not Fuck That Guy. I like that guy, but my gut reaction is to remind TS that "everyone is replaceable," so hey, why do they need me? Or, without cash in my hand, why in the hell should I help? But that reaction left me feeling shitty, because that is not who I am. I am a helper. But clearly I am far more bitter than I realized, and that made me feel rotten.

Tuesday, December 1

Nutrition: Again feeling pretty hungry today; bought an overpriced banana at the coffee shop at 430p because I couldn't fathom waiting another 1.5 hours for food.

  • 2 larabars

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 80% quality. Solid until 4a, when Hank began prancing. Hubs let him out, thankfully.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling great. Squats felt fantastic in session, pulls were lame, bench was decent. Pulls afterward were better than last week felt, and I even logged flexed arm hang time, using my plan. Some tightness in core, both sides, so I won't run tomorrow. Swings & snatches it shall be!

Fun & Play: NSS day. Lots of fun there, from session to Xmas decorating to GP hug. Coffee with BK while my oil got changed. Hubs time. FB silliness. Hank time.