Wednesday, November 25

  • 1 Larabar
  • 2 pieces cheezecake
  • 2 GF English muffin

Sleep: 7.5 hours in bed, 930p-5a, 85% quality.

Healthy Movement: Body feeling awesome, left knee even a little better over yesterday. Deadlifts felt magically light, so Dustin let me jump up to 300 motherfucking pounds, yo! BADASS. Now, time to get back to the straight bar for technique, technique, technique. Pulls still hard today, what gives? I haven't had THAT many birthday treats!

Fun & Play: NSS peeps. Leftover birthday treats. Session, with my favorites, and huge weights. Chitchat with my BB. Hubs time. Silly pets. Reading.

Stress Management: Discovered a fuck-up at work that will cost me $300, unless boss boys make an exception to their policy around this kind of fuck-up, which I neither expect nor even want. Mostly, I am upset because I feel it will disappoint them. Like when you fucked up in high school and your parents were disappointed, and that was SO MUCH WORSE than the two weeks of grounding. Ugh. 

This left me very tired and decidedly uncharitable by the end of the day, so much that I was considering not volunteering at the Y's 5k tomorrow, not wanting to see my friends, not wanting to do the very thing that refills my bucket so clearly. Went to bed hoping a night of sleep would change me.

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