Tuesday, November 3

  • 2 Larabars
  • Carrot muffin (sugary)
  • Emergen-C
  • rice noodles

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 815p-5a, 74% quality. To bed nice & early, but wide awake at 4a hearing noisy dogs. Hubs let them out, but they didn't NEED out, so this only prolongs the time adaptation; plus, I had to get up to let them back in. Ugh, damned time change.
Healthy Movement: Getting a cold and drinking Emergen-C even though I doubt it does anything. James put me on hold, gave clearance to keep progressing runs in my baby steps, thinks I'm basically healed but need to keep up the stretching and massaging (that...uhhh...I haven't even great at lately). Major difference in the tendon when he massaged it, basically didn't feel like anything was wrong. Hooray!!! Session
 had a pull-up PR, but that long-coveted #17 was ugly & debatable, so I don't feel like celebrating it. Squats went great but I could feel a bit of left hamstring on last few reps, and then it was tight mid-afternoon onward. Rest of body was okay.

Fun & Play: NSS: I love it so very much. It makes me so happy to be there. Every day, please! Super productive today, even worked late because I just wanted to Get Shit Done. Chitchat with GP & my BB, SM, BK, LT, all my beloveds. Good stuff. Quiet night at home. FB silliness.

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