Thursday, November 12

  • 2 Larabars 

Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 830p-530a, 98% quality. HA! Hubs & I both went to bed raw-tired, the kind where you have no energy to be kind or polite to anyone, and in fact the entire world can go fuck itself. Not because we were fighting or something, we were both just that tired. I tried the double-dose theory on the dogs, giving them twice their normal supper in the hopes they'd sleep in. HA! Hank was up at 3:30! Motherfucker! I let them both out, hit bathroom, water, half a Larabar, and let Lexi in. At that point, I would've been grateful if Hank ran away, so I went back to bed rather than wait, thinking I'd have time to fall back asleep before 5:30, for once. Hubs heard Hank scratching and let him in (I had fallen back asleep), and he was immediately whining again. WHY YOU ASSHOLE? Cats were then in/out, scratching the bed, kneading the blanket, etc, and I wanted to cry. I got up feeling like I had tried to sleep on the hard ground in 40F, like FUCK LIFE. UGH that's not how I like to start my day, with a paragraph-long sleep saga. Shitty.

Healthy Movement: Body felt some fatigue but session went great, was super dee duper fun with much silliness from both Dustin & Jeremy. I'm hoping I can deadlift 300 (trapbar, from blocks, blah blah blah, but STILL) before we move to the straight bar. Changed to strict pulls from the rings, and my elbows were a bit crank by the afternoon's end. Well, shit, that sucks.

Fun & Play: NSS. A decision on the software project that puts me back at the start but at least I can stop spinning my wheels with one that was full of tiny concessions that I desperately wanted to make work...but can't. Marketing task fun. Team photo silliness. GP & BB. Hubs chitchat with the old [rested] him that I like best. FB silliness. Clyde snuggles.

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