Sunday, November 29

Nutrition: Steadily hungry today. A result of holiday overeating, or a result of much lifting and not enough sleeping? Or all of the above?
  • Trav's breakfast 
  • Bag olive oil potato chips
  • pint AZ

Sleep: 5.75 hours in bed, 1230a-615a, 56% quality. Was solid, quality is low because quantity is a giant WTF.

Healthy Movement: Body still feeling good. Warm-up for workout felt pretty good, and most things were good, though nothing super stellar. Core is mostly good; left knee is practically nil.

Fun & Play: Able to load the mini-fridge into back of pickup all by myself, NO ISSUES. Fuck yeah, being strong is the bessst! Breakfast with my BB & GP. Lifting w/ Hankypank as my useless but adorable spotter. Hubs time. Mini-adventure with Hanky; had to go to NSS a second time, so I brought him along and played chase all across the turf a few times, with which he was THRILLED. Reading time. Plotting a running date in the soon-to-be snow w/ BK & HH.

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