Sunday, November 15

Nutrition: THIRD BREAKFAST (#winning). Face is still not cleared up from a couple days ago, and then I went and added a fair dose of sugar today: I am so dumb.
  • Trav's
  • Pint AZ (Buttery Pecan = addictive)
  • Extra sugar via Honey&SB&J French toast

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 96% quality. Tossing/turning 430a onward.

Healthy Movement: Body felt decent, some lower-leg aches first thing outta bed due to the running. (Le sigh.) Had a fair lifting session. Did DD's biofeedback testing on things and some were poor (like bench, which lined up precisely with how it felt, so I changed after two junky sets), while some were great (deadlift, making zero sense since the left hamstring was acting up).

Plotted out some TSC training ideas, and then got into tax season training, and I have no idea how I'm going to run. I think it will have to be on my NSS days, because I just can't see myself working 10 hours at the tax firm and still having energy to go LCSP-ing. Although I did it at TS so who knows. If my besties are out there, I guess I'll find the energy somehow; and when they're not, I think that I'll go home and swing/snatch instead.

Fun & Play: Slow morning. Hubs pretty much back to normal (though I'm wary). Deadlifting. Lunch w/ Holea. Fetch & a chore out in the sunshine, followed by reading and soaking it UP for probably the very last time in like 6 months: le sigh. Caught up on training documentation and realized I need less tracking than I used to need...letting go (somewhat) of the need to define myself by my accomplishments.

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