Sunday, November 1

  • 2 Larabars
  • pint AZ

Sleep: 11.25 (!!) hours in bed, 845p-7a (new time), 92% quality. I had the bed set too hard, so sleep was actually crappy, and the dogs needed out at 4a old time / 3a new time, plus I was strangely feeling h/s/g - so I hit the bathroom, drank a bunch of water, ate a Larabar, and was able to fall back asleep for another 4 hours! Got up feeling like a champion, yet a little on the dumb side: I reset the stove & microwave clocks for a minute earlier, not an hour...ha!!

Healthy Movement: Some tightness in the core after yesterday's run, but still tons better than the after-effects a couple weeks ago. As decided yesterday, I took today's lifting in a whole different direction, playing around with things to see just how far I would need to go for the IMC. It's pretty far, but since it's such a tough challenge, it feels appropriate to have a long way to go, thus it's not disappointing to be where I am. I like the idea of sticking with this on Sundays, think it will be good for the brain to have a change. Happy, happy discovery: the left hamstring feels fine, if a bit weak. I did all fashion of deadlifts (light, but still) without pain or weird feelings up in there. Hooraaaaaaay!

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Bills paid (and how easily, thanks to hubs' giant checks right now). Sunggly Clyde. Sunshine. Solid workout. Holea canceled on me (sick) which meant no need to leave home, woo hoo! Ample time for chores and reading and coloring. Fetch. Hubs home for much of the day before another jaunt down south.

Temperance: My first full weekend at home in a month was really really good for me. I am glad I managed to go to everything I did in October, because it was great fun - but, oof, it was rough not having the weekends to recharge, especially while stressed about the injury and missing my friends. Must not let myself get so over-scheduled. 

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