Saturday, October 31

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Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 92% quality. Solid, but needed alarm to get up early.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good, and the run went awesome. First of all, the entire group looped back to "pick me up" halfway through - aww. It just plain felt good, although a bit fast, and I needed to run directly down the middle of the road to avoid a leftward slant. As we approached the turn that would make it 2 even miles, I made the call to extend it a bit, and I landed back at 3 miles with ZERO PAIN. I stretched best I could in the parking lot afterward, and again at NSS, but it did tighten up a wee bit later on, yet I only ever really felt it with a really jaunty hip, while wrestling my mattress to the garage. OH YEAH, another reason to be a strong-ass woman: so you can dismantle and relocate your king-sized bed all by yourself, no male help required. Fuck yeah!

Fun & Play: CaROUSing with my besties on a crisp, comfortable morning. Breakfast with the same group, packed to the gills with laughter. Then off to NSS to help out with the TSC, which made me uber-jealous, and wishing I had been able to participate (stupid injuries), and determined to do it next year, along with Paige. (And Dawn, I suspect.) It was awesome to watch the badassery, especially my beloved Chief, who claims to be "okay at everything but good at nothing" yet I'm pretty sure that he will land in the top 10, possibly even top 5, of this worldwide competition. Too damn cool! Had fun chitchatting with Shannon M, a wee badass about whom, every time I talk with her, I think "Why don't we hang out, like, all the time?" and yet we never do. We must. She is the same age, is afflicted with the same lifting addiction, has KBs and a power rack at her place, etc - by all rights, she belongs in my tribe! At home I knocked out a few chores in order to prepare the place for my NEW BED, the parents' cast-off Sleep Number bed (they made a serious upgrade), and it was GD gratifying to find I could move the old bed by my own badass self. Took the parents out for supper at my favorite place to pay for it, in a very small way. Enjoyed the heck out of all the costumed kids on FB, love seeing such cuteness without having to deal with my own doorbell ringing.

Temperance: Marveling at feeling the desire to compete again, for the first time in over a year. First Wild Duluth had me wanting another crack at the 50k, and now the TSC has me wanting to do that next fall, too. (Um, now that I write that, if the timing is the same, this might be a bit challenging to pull off.) I also have this strange urge to see if I can do the Iron Maiden Challenge. Best I can tell, it's actually only for SFG certified instructors, and I guess I don't care about that - but just to be able to do it, that would be pretty fucking badass, and that's the kind of thing I'm up for. Toying with the idea of programming myself for that on Sundays, to add me some variety, rather than just a full-on powerlifting mindset. I adore the powerlifts most, and I mean deeply & truly I love them, and honestly don't really desire to do anything but - yet I suspect my body requires more variety to prevent injuries. Working toward something concrete like this, which is a highly respected measure of holy-shit strength, might be a way to get my brain enjoying something other than squat, bench, & deads, brah. Will perhaps try it for tomorrow's workout and see what I think.

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