Monday, November 9

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Sleep: 9 hours in bed, 830p-530a, 83% quality. Dogs up & active & noisy at 430a, and I wanted to throttle them. Got up after 10 minutes and let them out, then went back to bed, thinking I might be able to fall back, but Clyde prevented that. I at least stretched flat and rested, trying to catch up from the weekend. Also I had made the mattress harder, and I think I like it, though I'll need to get a full, proper, not-interrupted-by-asshole-dogs night or two before deciding.

Healthy Movement: Body feels pretty good, though tired. Sad to have missed a lifting workout yesterday, but want to get back to my 3/week runs, and also not impact tomorrow's lifting. I was damned tired by 3pm, and not interested in running, but I forced myself out and got a whopping two miles. Hey, it's more than zero.

Fun & Play: Fun little project at DBB. FB silliness. Dad's bookwork. Gorgeous, warm evening. Hubs time. 

Temperance: Man, I just really wanna run with my friends. I miss them, I miss the woods, I miss the talk therapy, I miss the miles-deep trail love. 

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