Monday, November 16

  • Larabars: 2

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 84% quality. Some tossing/turning 4a onward, notably feeling tightness in the QLs, both sides - felt that yesterday morning as well. Happily, the alarm finally woke me, not the Hanky.

Healthy Movement: Been forgetting to mention the left foot bruise that seemed to be from deadlifts did not return last week - guess I just needed to get heavy enough! Again lower legs were quite crank first thing out of bed, even some limping to avoid a pain on front of left ankle. Better with movement, but worth watching. Feeling some other typical "long run" pains, like left knee on stairs - but I'm not even doing long runs! Gah. Over here on the bright side of aches: my glutes are a bit sore from yesterday's lifting. Hello, deadlifts and pistols...YESSS! Met HH & DQ for an LCSP-ing adventure in what I thought would be chilly, damp, yuck conditions. Not chilly, only a little damp, and NO yuck! Pure delight. Certainly my feet would disagree, as they are reacting strongly to the roots and uneven ground, but they'll adapt...right?

Fun & Play: Quiet, easy morning, with dogs that slept in. Good, long, involved project at DBB.A run in the woods with most of my besties and no pain. YESSS! Text silliness. Cute Clyde snuggles.

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