Friday, November 6

  • 2 Larabars
  • Emergen-C
  • Trav's

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 815p-430a, 89% quality. Fucking dogs up so goddamn early again, I was at work a half hour early because of those jerkfaces.

Healthy Movement: I am loathe to admit this, but the Emergen-C actually does seem to be helping, or else there is an amazing correlation in the stopped development of the cold I felt arriving a few days ago. Legs & back are properly achey from the week's lifting, and I do have a somewhat concerning (mild) pain in my left ankle since the run, but hoping a rest day is enough. Please don't resolve my core tendonitis just in time to produce an ankle problem, body, PLEASE NO. Feeling truly excited about keeping winter running low-key and just killing it with weights, but that doesn't mean I want to stop running - I wish to maintain 15-20 easy miles per week, please. How else I see my trail peeps?

Fun & Play: Time to read and ease into the day. At work early, quite productive, and yet SO MUCH fun had. Much silliness, including playing around with single-arm pulls & the like with CJ. Lunch with Timmy, a wonderful conversation about our respective struggles, zero solutions, but support & validation, which is just as important. Silly pet antics in the eve, along with snuggles from Clyde and the cold shoulder from Oscar after I accidentally locked him in the pantry. (Poor fellow, maybe this PERFECT LIFE YOU LEAD will make up for my mistake.)

Stress Management: Quick little BK convo to assess his mental state, which is, happily: Look the fuck out, competition! Good, makes my Saturday spent standing in the cold sound better. Hubs state is less positive, but I'm doing my best to not worry about that one, because it's so massive as to overwhelm, I just have to ostrich this thing until the situation changes. So far I'm letting it remain his problem to resolve, not mine, although it certainly becomes mine if he actually quits, but in the meantime: ostrich.

Nature: I really really hate the early dark. Almost all my lights are on to keep me from noticing. Not looking forward to the cold soon behind it.

Temperance: Despite my productivity, occasional early arrivals and late departures, I still have so much to do at NSS, that I am feeling a bit overwhelmed. My to-do list only grows, it seems, and I re-prioritize constantly. This afternoon Paige asked if I ever think of working there full time, and I was like DUUUUUHHHH that's my GOAL, GIRL! I am certain that I could be full-time busy, but I don't want to risk becoming a financial burden by us pulling that trigger too early. I spent three years being patient enough to make it where I am, I can't turn impatient with this in only three months! But it's hard not to be, because it is my tribe. Even brand-new guy is already a fan favorite. The work is perfect, the people are the bestest, and how can I not want to be there every day? Is bomb dig.

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