Wednesday, October 28

  • Larabars: 2
  • smoked almonds de awesomeness

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 87% quality. Would've been amazing sleep, except the pets were noisy at 430a, to the point that I was just outright yelling & swearing at them. Jerkfaces.

Healthy Movement: Core is same-ish. Feeling squats immediately in the morning: yikes.

Fun & Play: Visited a client for QB fixes, a lovely, kind, fun couple of folks. As I left, the boss lady told me to "Stay young and beautiful!" Aw, I love doing this. Got a bit bored at tax firm, though, doing some easy stuff and then coming up empty on tasks. They are so busy here, but I keep running out of things to do, dang it! Hubs home!

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