Wednesday, October 14

  • 2 Larabars
  • GF English Muffin (also yesterday)

Sleep: 8.75 hours in bed, 845p-530a, 100% quality. That's bullshit; I was screaming at dogs at 445a and too tired to get my ass up and just deal, so NO it was more like 75%, but thanks for trying.

Healthy Movement: Core feeling better than yesterday; really seems to be the massage that's making a difference, in my opinion. Legs a little heavy from squats yesterday. Still, despite that and mental fatigue, I went home and ran on my treadmill! Feels like my endurance is totes gone, threw in walk breaks to wipe sweat (no breeze!) and drink water and calm heart rate. Core felt tight about halfway, but better posture made it better. I think I'm sagging in my core, like bending forward at the waist a bit, as I run: gonna cause problems, obvs. Must focus on good, tall posture. Since I'm starting from scratch, basically, I even did it in Vibrams. Why not, right? Stretched (ow) and tennis-balled after the run.

Fun & Play: Getting (temporarily) caught up at DBB, yet knowing I will stay busy and could probably work there full-time if I wanted to (I don't) because this is what I'm good at, and they love me, and I truly enjoy it. (But NSS, yo, that is my bliss, don't get me wrong.) A run that didn't leave me limping. Fetch in the brisk sunshine. Hubs chitchat (texting, he's still far away). HB chitchat. Snuggles with Clyde while I caught up the past week or so.

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