Tuesday, October 13

Nutrition: I'm getting addicted to the idea of spaghetti. It's not enough calories and not any damned protein, so my solution was obviously to supplement with fake ice cream: win! Except not, I do need veggies. Back on track soon.
  • 2 larabars
  • Rice noodles
  • Arctic Zero

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-515a, 93%. I keep going to bed early so I can get extra sleep, and the dogs just keep getting up earlier. Both of the jerks were prancing around before 5a.

Healthy Movement: James gave me permission to try running. My progression is treadmill, then asphalt, then trails. Naturally, I'm terrified of ending up limping for two weeks again, and worried it's too soon. But a treadmill gives me the ability to stop immediately, so it feels safe. (Although horribly boring.) BK & DQ got to go LCSP-ing tonight, and it breaks my little hippie-runner heart that I can't join them.

Session was with Steve while Dustin played overly-busy owner-Chief, and it was okay. Bench is coming back around, but it feels a bit on the slow side. (I'm greedy, I know.)

Fun & Play: NSS day! Happy coworker chitchat, feeling like we are all so happy that we're nervous to let a new guy in - that's a great place to be, I think. Dose of Dustin chitchat in the afternoon, made up for him pawning me off on Steve. Worked a bit late to make up for my extensive James time, and Dustin scoffed at the idea that it was necessary. Damn, I love that place. And I get to tell them just how much on Thursday in my first quarterly review! (Wonder if hugs are standard?)

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