Sunday, October 25

Nutrition: I've definitely been overeating this weekend, and I feel physically rotten: lethargic and bleah. Today I made breakfast sausage, started 24-hour ribs in the slow cooker, and I'll be fetching groceries tomorrow night for my salads. Anxious to stop feeling so sluggish. 
  • GF English muffin
  • bag of chips

Sleep: 10.25 hours in bed, 9p-715a, 84% quality. Let out dogs at 415a (WTF?!) and went back to bed. Woke to Hop's alarm, might've been able to sleep longer - really dragging after yesterday. Napped 1145a-130p.

Healthy Movement: Very low energy. Core almost normal unless I sit for a long time. Had both lifting & a 3-mile run on today's plan, and even got as far as plotting a lifting workout, but realized I basically felt like hell, and a nap sounded light-years better, so I did that instead. Decided to run Monday after work, skip Wednesday, and then run again Saturday morning with ROUS for a costumed breakfast run (hopefully). That is, if it lets me. I am really rather concerned about the difficulty of getting this thing improved. Managed some sets of pulls during/after supper. 

Fun & Play: Sleeping in. Chores done. Napping. Not leaving the house. Sleepy Clyde in my lap. Devoted Hanky at my feet. Fetch. New books. 

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