Saturday, October 3

Nutrition: Discovered I can order the sausage patties at the Duluth Grill. Happy day! Haven't been able to do that in 4 years!
  • 1 Larabar
  • Breakfast out (probably soybean oil in food prep)

Sleep: 8.5 hours in bed, 1015p-645a, 97% quality. Some tossing & turning, but better than I expected on a strange, soft, small bed, with someone who's not-Hop.

Healthy Movement: Got up feeling good. Completely spaced PT for this trip. We trekked across the road to view Lake Superior (windy & chilly) with our coffee, then drove to breakfast. Shortly after that, we were hiking for 1.5 hours, and the core was basically fine: hooray! Logged a short bit of quiet time listening to the river, and admired pretty trees. We also hiked a flat, easy trail next to the lake, traipsing over rocks and under branches a bit, and still a fine core. It was also fine going up and down at Palisade Head. It was moderately tight feeling, but it took a stretch to bother it. And no pain, not even at the end of the day; slightly tighter getting out of the car, but that's been normal for me for a few months now. A piece of me wonders if I'm building a muscle's size (through lifting) that there isn't room for, like with my shoulder pain this year. That would suck.

Fun & Play: Up North! With Lisa! Hiking trails! Without pain! Sharing details and memories of races and volunteering and all the fun times. Introduced her to the cafe that DQ & I discovered last month, the bestest favoritest restaurant that BK shared with me (Duluth Grill, obvs), and the resort I discovered just this week turned out to be quite tiny, a tad rustic, but perfectly comfortable & more than adequate. Plus: hours & hours of catching up with one of my favorite people. Score!

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