Monday, October 12

Nutrition: Messed up eating today: worked right through lunch, offsite, then downed some snacks at like 1, along with a little leftover cold coffee. ZERO water until I got home at 6. Oops!
  • 2 larabars
  • Bag pork jerky

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 80% quality. Tossing & turning a bit from 5a onward.

Healthy Movement: Sat all day, working offsite at a client. Body felt fine with that. Core a bit tight, not any worse than Sunday.

Fun & Play: Huge bonus at the client: TEN 7-week-old gorgeous precious Golden Retriever puppies to play with! Super dee duper adorable, even with sharp little teeth trying to destroy me, my jewelry, my clothes, and my shoes. Loved watching them and hearing about them and meeting the adult dogs, too. Fun client to chat with, and I left feeling like we both understand more, and her next tax season will be much smoother: win! Also, left while she let the puppies bound out into the yard, bouncing and hopping and rolling and tumbling and looking like a high-dollar dog food commercial. Happiness = puppies! Quiet house. Soon I shall really miss the hubs, but it's okay coming home to silence after so much people-time.

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