Wednesday, September 9

Nutrition: Still impressed by my lowered hunger without running. Trusting the body works!
  • Larabars: 2
  • way too many smoked almonds
  • GF hamburger bun, 4th in a package of 4; first was on Sunday, think I forgot to note them

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 915p-530a, 88% quality. A touch choppy, rolling over meant a loudly yelling right hip/core, but I got up feeling rested.

Healthy Movement: Right core is definitely hurting from that tiny little 20-minute run. I'm not wincing & limping like I did after that Andes run, but certainly more than I would've expected for 20 minutes of movement. Frustrated. Rest of body feels good, that's something (but not enough).

Fun & Play: Bit of a putzy morning. Challenging work at DBB (which also super drained my brain). Superior logistics chitchat with BK & DQ: we leave tomorrow, eep! Dustin chitchat on tomorrow's schedule.

Temperance: Juggling tomorrow's schedule with Dustin actually made me frustrated with myself for squeezing in volunteering on Thursday night at packet pickup. Before I did that, we didn't have a hard time other than the race meeting, which is fairly late. Wish I had left it that way, as leaving earlier messes with NSS, while leaving later messes with volunteering. Lose-lose! This is a result of me trying to do All The Things. Some day I'll learn.

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