Tuesday, September 1

  • 2 Larabars
  • all the smoked almonds!

Sleep: 8.25 hours in bed, 845p-5a, 85% quality. Weird quality, given I was more awake than not for the final 2 hours. Tossing & turning & as close to H/S/G as I can get, without getting up. Ugh. Got up feeling happy, though, because NSS day!

Healthy Movement: Hip/core felt about the same, nothing really changed from yesterday. Shoulder also about the same. Warm-up in session showed some slight improvement on the left hamstring, so that was a happy note. Shoulder cooperated for pull-ups, although they felt hard again; it was also a touch unstable on bench but it held.

Because James had called NSS for HB in the morning, I got to chat with him for a few seconds, and he ended up calling me back with an appointment opening for TODAY! He laid the blame on primarily my quadratus lumborum & secondarily my sartorius. His twice-a-day prescription: some work to fatigue it, stretch it, some work to fatigue it, stretch it more agressively, massage. He proclaimed optimism because they are muscles, lots of good blood flow gets them healing faster (as opposed to tendons, etc), and all of this should make a difference fairly quickly. I love that man! He told me not to run before I come back on Friday, and also that I may not be running before Superior. Which I can handle; running 15 miles after 2 weeks off will suck it big time, but not more than dragging this pain out by a bunch of attempts at 5, or something foolish.

Fun & Play: NSS. Happy HB chitchat. Everyone was chitchatty today, was an extra fun day. Good talk with chief boss man on work stuff. James visit. Blood donation. Stayed late to make up the James/donation time, and got quite a bit accomplished when I buckled down & hammered it out.

When I prepared payroll on Friday, I put fun little notes into everyone's stub (MK gave me some cool WTF posty notes so they became "Way too fabulous!" & the like), but of course I skipped mine. But tonight when I got home, I saw that Mike put one in for me:

I love that man!

Temperance: Good talk with Chief during session. He complimented me on maintaining my perspective with the injury, my newfound ability to hold it together despite these setbacks, even going all the way back to the hamstring tear timeline. I appreciated that little dose of recognition so very much (Yay, I'm being an adult! Praise me!) because it's hard not to fall apart.

It's hard not to get caught up in thinking that these things that bring so much fulfillment actually define me. I know that they don't. They may help to define me, they most certainly shape me, but they are not who I am. And yet despite knowing that, it's much easier to cave to the feeling that these things are hugely important. It would be so much easier to whine & cry & thrash, but I also know that it's SO MUCH harder to pull myself back up out of that in the end. Like it's a brutally hot day, but I'm taking the long way around a cold, deep, muddy-bottomed pond, because I know the pond will only be a short relief before it turns into far more work than simply walking around it.

I credit this dose of wisdom to years of such battles, the increased sleep, the near-total lack of stress in my life, and the all-knowing mini-Dustin inside my head. I love that man!

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