Thursday, September 3

Nutrition: I don't think I mentioned it, but my acne has been fierce for the past week. Could be sugar, could be the meals out and getting soy oil. Most of it has been on my chin area, which bothers me less than on my forehead (about which I am already self-conscious, ever since junior goddamn those things EVER go away?!) so at least there is that silver lining.
  • 2 Larabars

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 915p-515a, 90% quality. Solid, with some dozing in the early morning.

Healthy Movement: Did my PT like a good student. Left hamstring was improved, could tell in session warm-up it's a touch better, and never even THOUGHT about it on deadlifts until the final set. Left shoulder did get a little crank in the afternoon, plus some muscle on the upper arm is acting tight & crank, though that feels minor. Hit a total-rep PR on pulls in session, after a deadlift PR "for this era" which I wouldn't really count, but all was nice for the brain. Trained with Paige instead of Chief, and while I love Paige, I love Chief mostest. I don't like subs. Or change. Or injuries.

Added more pulls in the afternoon, and they didn't feel terrible, so I did enough to hit 115. That happens to be a single-day PR. I actually knew I'd done 114 once, so I only inched up one more. Why blast past the ability to set all kinds of PRs? I figure I could do one insanely-high day per month like that, maybe do 120 on NYE to send the year off right. I also figured out that on Tuesday I will hit 1,000,000 pounds of pull-ups - which, again, was my original goal for the entire YEAR. Kick ass! 

Fun & Play: Fabulously fun day at NSS. Solid session, PRs, pull-up mania. Skipped an LAPW outing after work (just didn't feel like it) and did not feel guilty. Instead I spent an hour reading on my deck, surrounded by my 4-legged babies, and finished the book Joy lent me. Loved. It. So. Much.

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