Thursday, September 10

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Sleep: 7.75 hours in bed, 930p-515a, 77% quality. In late due to packing. Wide awake, h/s/g at 330a. Didn't get up, but seriously debated staying up and just going to NSS at 530a, but I was still sleepy tired.

Healthy Movement: Session was fantastic beastliness. Sitting in a car for 4 hours of the afternoon was not. Core was better but still somewhat there. James decided it's more likely a tendinitis, which sucks, but it means I won't cause any damage by running through it, so I shall. Feet got fat even on 4-hour car ride up to Two Harbors: redonk.

Fun & Play: NSS, cranking out website updates: fun! Session, and with Jan & Michelle. James. Superior time!! Riding up to the excitement, reading a good book. Volunteering and seeing SO MANY of my trail peeps, plus making new friends. (New hot tip: volunteer at the merch table, because they will insist you model the gear. Free tee, woo hoo!) Cabin on the lake. Race logistics & excitement.

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