Sunday, September 6

  • hefty dose of honey on paleo pancakes PWO

Sleep: 8 hours in bed, 1015p-615a, 81% quality. Quite solid.

Healthy Movement: Got up with only the left upper arm feeling a bit crank; feel like maybe the rows on Thursday are to blame. Logged a workout that was super kickass. I was craving back squats, and they felt much better, had full ROM without hamstring anger (didn't go heavy, though). Bench was a bit harder than it should've been, but rather solid. RDLs seemed to have full ROM! I added a finisher that included carries (I love them) & jump rope, a decent substitute for running that I should've been doing a week ago. Can't believe Dustin didn't suggest it, since that's how he prepped for the Fargo marathon relay.

Did a shit-ton of pulls in order to reach ONE MEELLION POUNDS today. You know, the goal I set for 12/31. BOOM. And then I did like 10 more, because, why not?

At night we had a bonfire, and I played chase with Hank for a little bit. Like 60 seconds of dashing around in the grass. And the right core did flare up some. Are you kidding me right now?!

Fun & Play: Coffee on the deck with a book for a nice long while: fantabulousness. Excellent workout. Healing injuries. So. Much. Reading. Finished the book about JFK and started in on one about lifting that has been sitting here for years. And already picked up some nuggets. Chores smashed out. Pet time. Hubs time. Bonfire full of beautimonious stars. Two straight days not leaving the house: winning!

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